born 1987 in L├╝dinghausen, Germany

studied from 2008 until 2015 at the Art Academy D├╝sseldorf under the guidance of Katharina Fritsch

In his work, Schoth concentrates on techniques and materials that allow the materiality of the object to be dissolved completely.
On the one hand he captivates the viewer with a precise execution and a perfect finish and, on the other hand, his sensitivity for elegant composition and his mind for delicate aesthetics seduces the spectator. Thematically, Schoth revolves around the analysis of the human body, the detachment from sexuality and gender and the finding of intimate moments that draw the viewer into a private closeness and desire, but also always maintain a cool distance.
The viewer is confronted with fundamental questions of identity, one's own worldview and the reflection of the self. Moments are found that capture the human being, work out an essence of beauty and thus give the everyday life poetic meaning.